22 April 2022

Prokofiev’s music has a huge fascination for me and I dare to say also for our orchestra as a collective. It’s so direct and at the same time complex in the way it transports all facets of emotions through sound. It can be playful, painful, powerful – all within just a moment. His Romeo and Juliet is definitely one of the best versions, the Shakespeare material has been set into tone. Using no words it leads with such clearness through the emotional journey. It is a joy to follow how Prokofiev uses certain motifs and themes to give each character – or state of emotion – a specific brand that keeps returning throughout the piece. To work with our fantastic ballet company on this is a wonderful matter. Prokofiev wanted this piece to be performed with dancers after all! The music (the suites from the ballet) is performed in concert much more and constantly throughout the world. It’s a much rarer event to have the masterpiece perfomed in this originally intended way as a “Gesamtkunstwerk” of storyline, dance and music – only then it can unfold it’s full and universal impact.
Valentin Egel

The premiere of the ballet Romeo and Juliet choreographed by Jiří Bubeníček and performed alongside the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra under maestro Valentin Egel is scheduled for April 27, with reprises on April 28, 29 and 30. Tickets are on sale!


Photo and video: Fanni Tutek-Hajnal