24 October 2017

One of the most beautiful works in the history of opera and one of the most romantic opera stories, the one of Rodolfo and the fragile Mimì, had the premiere performance in the filled auditorium of the CNT Ivan pl. Zajc after 30 years! A great desire of the Rijeka audience for this opera of Puccini, performed in the same way the composer had created it, has finally been replaced by a great pleasure, of which longstanding ovations can testify.
As soon as the red curtain closed after the baton of the conductor Ville Matvejeff had come down, the auditorium burst into a loud applause for the soloists of La Bohème. The enthusiastic audience that was moved to tears kept clapping so that the soloists took a bow a number of times.

The bohemian life of young and hungry artists who are trying to get warm in the cold night by sacrificing a play manuscript, living in the times of materialism and dreaming of a better existence, has an equally strong effect on our daily life. The audience recognised the power of sincerity and simplicity in the direction of the renowned Fabrizio Melano and awarded singers-actors who had brought their roles to life on stage convincingly, first of all Anamarija Knego, “Divine!” according to what we could hear spectators saying. Her poet Rodolfo was Aljaž Farasin, Musetta was Vanja Zelčić, Robert Kolar was in the role of painter Marcello, Dario Bercich of musician Schaunard and Luka Ortar of philosopher Colline. Sergej Kiselev was in the roles of landlord Benoit and the old city councillor Alcindor, while Davor Lešić of toy peddler, Saša Matovina of custom-house sergeant and Nikola Nedić, Croatian drama actor, in the role of the head waiter. Members of the Opera chorus, Croatian drama and ballet ensemble and the Kap Children’s Chorus played in the roles of Paris citizens, children and waiters. Fabrizio Melano is the director and set designer, Manuela Paladin Šabanović costume designer, Dalibor Fugošić designed lights and Paola Lugarić is assistant to set designer. Romeo Drucker is concertmaster, Nicoletta Olivieri vocal coach and chorus master, while Franka Zlatić and Nika Mančić have prepared the children’s chorus.

Love and art, poverty and sickness, cruel reality, hopes, dreams and strong emotions, all of which the spectators experienced and praised profusely having seen this production of La Bohème in Rijeka.
Do not miss this bohemian life on Thursday 26th October at 19 hours, on Saturday 28th October at 18 hours and on 11th and 13th December at 19 hours.

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