20 June 2020

One of the most highly-anticipated plays in Rijeka “Practicing Life – Second Time”, based on the novel by Nedjeljko Fabrio, directed by Marin Blažević, and dramatized by Lucija Klarić, Maja Ležaić and Nikolina Rafaj, will premiere on Wednesday, June 24, and will begin, as will all subsequent performances, at 7:30 PM with the Carnival of Politicians outside the Theatre building.

“The play ‘Practicing Life’ by Fabrio, Gašparović and Paro from the 1990s was the catalyst for reexamining Rijeka’s history and awakening interest in Rijeka’s identities. Today’s play is equally important for us and is one of the most anticipated programs of the ECoC – Rijeka 2020 project. Thirty years have passed, and new generations have arrived who will finally be able to see the new interpretation of ‘Practicing Life,’ a title they have only heard about so far,” said the mayor of Rijeka Vojko Obersnel at today’s press conference. On the same occasion, he congratulated Marin Blažević for having the courage to ‘embark’ on such a challenge as a new, different interpretation of Rijeka’s famous title.

Marin Blažević reminded everyone that the ensemble has an incredible experience behind them, namely a three-month delay of the already completed production caused by the coronavirus epidemic that closed the doors of the theatre just before the scheduled premiere in March.

Speaking of the new interpretation of Fabrio’s novel, he pointed out that the crucial role was held by the three young dramaturgs who centered the dramatization around female characters.
“We found another possibility of interpreting the history of Rijeka, the one from the female perspective, which removes the focus from great historical names, which of course were all male,” said the Rijeka intendant.

He presented the creative team of the play, calling it the dream team of Rijeka forces consisting of choreographer and assistant director Mila Čuljak, set designer Alan Vukelić, costume designer Sandra Dekanić, songwriters Josip Maršić and Zoran Medved, videographer Marin Lukanović, and lighting designer Dalibor Fugošić.
“The play is performed by brilliant actresses, legends of Rijeka and Croatian Theatre – Neva Rošić, Mira Furlan, Zrinka Kolak Fabijan and Olivera Baljak, and will be marked by the theatrical return of Elis Lovrić, who has been dedicated to her songwriting career for years,” said Blažević, and added that the play, which was created in collaboration of the Croatian and Italian drama companies, brings to the stage a plethora of excellent actresses and actors who perform both in Croatian and Italian language.

“’Practicing Life – Second time’ is one of the highlights of the ECoC program. It is part of the program ‘The Times of Power,’ which discusses history, and indeed there is no play that could speak about the history of Rijeka better than this one. The Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka has already made a considerable contribution to the ECoC program, and this will be its crown,” said Irena Kregar Šegota, director of the ECoC – Rijeka 2020 project.
“The play addresses a key question: the question of our identity – who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. I am especially pleased with the female cast, who will certainly weave their professional and life stories into the play, just as I believe that each of the viewers will experience their own personal ‘Practicing Life,’ Irena Kregar Šegota concluded.


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