20 December 2018

New Year’s Concerts have been sold out, however, due to a great interest of visitors that still doesn’t fade, auxiliary seats and standing room only tickets have gone on sale.

Therefore, more than a week before the actual performance of the first concert, it is evident that the record of attendance of these traditionally popular occasional concerts has been hit with almost three thousand tickets sold so far, i.e., concert visitors. The performances of this year’s concerts Let’s Travel around Europe have exceeded the last year’s record of two and a half thousand visitors. It was the charismatic Maestro Yordan Kamdzhalov, chief conductor of the Ivan pl. Zajc CNT Opera Orchestra, who conducted the last year’s concert, just as he does this year’s one that is already record-breaking.

Hence, lose no time to get the last remaining auxiliary and standing room only tickets!

Do not miss moments of exceptional musical treat in the festive ambiance of the Rijeka Zajc; do not miss to be part of the most significant social even in Rijeka at the end of the year, toasting with a glass of Zlatna vrbnička žlahtina donated by PZ Vrbnik, partner of New Year’s Concerts.

Partner of New Year’s Concerts: