16 April 2019

The Summer Classics Festival of the Rijeka Ivan pl. Zajc CNT is back to the Pula Amphitheatre, the most beautiful of open-air stages, following the last summer’s triumphal success when it brought the opera back in a grand style into the Arena in Pula. This summer it is in Pula again with no less than three programmes, three musical and music-and-stage jewels, three spectacles.
Opera stars from European and world stages, passionate and charismatic conductors, renowned choruses and the excellent orchestra are inviting you to the Rijeka Opera Summer Classics in Pula, namely, to Verdi’s Aida on 25th July, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 on 27th July and Bizet’s Carmen on 1st August.

Due to the great success and interest brought about by the spectacular Aida, the opera of all operas is back to the Arena, where it is going to evoke again the experience of ancient Egypt in the fascinating setting of the ancient Roman architecture.

More than 150 musicians will be performing the grandiose Ninth, the most famous of Ludwig van Beethoven’s symphonies, the symphony in which it is freedom and love that defeat all the evil and misfortune of mankind, while joy replaces the pain. This Beethoven’s artistic and humanist testament to the world will see a new interpretation that is certain to be resounding powerfully through the summer Pula night.

A hot summer night and Arena are the perfect stage settings for Bizet’s Carmen, a story of passionate, in fact blind love, jealousy, spite and rage, a story of a woman that, as Tchaikovsky said, only fate can have.

The uniqueness of this ambient spectacle is also promising by its very setting, namely, the stone tiers of the Pula Amphitheatre.
While you’re impatiently waiting for the Summer Classics 2019, here are some reviews of the last year’s one, when Orff’s Carmina Burana was performed next to Aida:
« Both the events were quite magical and moving. Aida as well as Carmina Burana are truly worthy of the setting in which they were presented, the synergy of music and setting having had an unquestionably intoxicating effect.»

«The overall impression of the two nights of Summer Classics by the Rijeka CNT in the Pula Arena can be described as spectacular, and that is said without any exaggeration, repetition or convention.»

«Judging by the filled auditorium, international audience and standing ovations, it was a great success. We hope to be able to see them again in Pula next summer.»

And you will! Summer Classics is coming back to Pula.

The tickets are on sale through the Eventim system and the Box Office of the Ivan pl. Zajc CNT (, tel. +385 (0) 51 337 114). Ensure them in time.