8 April 2017

It is no longer news that good news on the Rijeka Opera has spread beyond Croatian borders. Witnesses to this are visitors, opera lovers from different European countries who regularly come to see opera performances in Rijeka.

Still, we had to note the arrival of no less than ten buses that brought the public to the performance of the praised Otello on Friday the 7th of April. Around five hundred opera lovers from Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, mostly owing to the cooperation with agencies specialising in cultural tourism, came to see Otello in the dramaturgy and direction of Marin Blažević and Maestro Zoran Juranić on the conductor’s podium.

Although many of them are long standing visitors of the most famous European opera houses, they did not hide their true and sincere enthusiasm with the Rijeka Otello, neither did they spare compliments, pointing out that it was a breathtaking performance. They were thrilled with the innovative,  powerful and impressive staging as well as brilliant soloists, chorus and the orchestra.

Those visitors who had not already done so, took the opportunity to look around the Rijeka Theatre building and Klimt’s ceiling paintings.

We said goodbye until their next visits that are already being arranged.