Premiere MISCELLANEA (working title)
Nelida Milani

Devised theatre
Set design:
Lighting design:
Assistant director:
Sandro Damiani
Stage manager:
Sandro Damiani / Flavio Cossetto

Premiere: April 2018

There is no need to present Nelida Milani, a well-known writer and linguist, one of the most prominent representatives of culture of Italian National Community in Croatia and Slovenia, who has been awarded a number of international prizes.
The performance includes her most favourable topics, such as the exodus, the silent tragedy of those who had remained, deals also with the painstaking issue of intolerance against national and cultural minorities, with the physical estrangement of those who left and the inner estrangement of those who remained in the reality that they no longer could have recognised as theirs. In a delicate but precise way, MIlani sets forth the theme of travelling, memories, estrangement and home.