13 November 2020

As evidenced by the reactions during and after the premiere, Carmen seduced its premiere audience with great success! The performance, dedicated to the unforgettable Mani Gotovac, was met with audience applause in the opening scene, and at the end, the performers returned several times for the curtain call.

In the new conditions, with maximum protection and maximum use of adapted conditions and methods, there was a new author team for Carmen that intertwined everything they had learned about this opera and its characters over the years of working with this great, eternally inspiring work.

“You fall in love with Carmen and stay hooked. And we come back to Carmen over and over again. It is infinitely interesting not only how different each show is, but also how each singer of the title role radiates completely different energy while singing the same well-known arias. After the strong and feminine Ivana Srbljan, seeing the sweet, boyish Michaela Selinger is extremely interesting,” said one of the visitors to last night’s premiere.”

Here are the impressions of a few more viewers:
“The orchestra on stage with dimmed lights – a beautiful sight. I was deeply impressed”,
„Using video to achieve a combination of desired effects even with limited possibilities was brilliant!”,
“Congratulations to the Rijeka Theatre! What tremendous effort to achieve such a quality show under these conditions! We are delighted.”
“You’ve exceeded our expectations! From the scene with the orchestra on the stage, the choir on the balcony, the projection behind the orchestra – fascinating! We really expected, given the clear conditions for virus protection, a slightly more playful concert performance, and we got a show that lacks nothing! You can watch the performers, you can follow the video, the orchestra…no matter where you look, there is some content that occupies you completely. Congratulations to everyone; it is a great joy that you continue to provide such experiences to all those who crave theatre.”
“Maybe it’s just me, but the author team seems to have added a little wit to this somewhat tragic story, which is even more necessary today. Great performers; it’s hard to single anyone out.”

Carmen is on the program again on December 5 and 7.


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