Devised theatre according to the texts of a number of authors from Istria and Venezia Giulia

The Italian Community in Rijeka
Bruno Nacinovich / Elvia Nacinovich / Lara Komar / Andrea Germani
Quartetto Iris

Premiere: 17 October 2016

We are staging this performance on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the Italian Company and the Italian Community in Rijeka, in cooperation with the Trieste permanent theatre  “Rossetti”, one of the seven theatres in Italy that bear the attribute “of a relevant cultural interest”. The premiere will take place in the space of the Italian Community in Rijeka, i.e. in the palazzo Modello. Twixt Land and Sea Tales unravel the stories of great men of Istria and Venezia Giulia. On the other side of the stage, the string quartet Quartetto Iris, inspired by the panorama, play Sibelius and Strauss. Actors, engrossed in a twofold enchantment of the sea and the music, tell the stories of the land and the sea through the words of Antonio Quarantotti Gambini, Gianni Stuparich, Paolo Rumiz, Nelida Milani, Claudio Magris and Milan Rakovac, who wrote a composition especially for this performance.



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