18 March 2021

Another premiere of the ballet ensemble ended with enthusiastic applause and shouts of delight from the auditorium, which was filled to the extent allowed by anti-epidemic measures.

The audience was clearly impressed with the journeys of two Odysseys, ancient and modern, through turbulent and deceptive seas of emotions and relationships, losing and finding the one “worthy at the end of the day” in this unique ballet Odyssey by Walter Matteini and Ina Broeckx.

Here is what the spectators told us after the performance:

“It’s a dance fantasy through a metaphorical journey.”

“This show is a continuation of the brilliant ballet performances we have had the opportunity to see so far. It is more proof that we have a beautiful ballet ensemble in Rijeka. It is obvious that there are international performers, each of whom brings with them a part of their training, a part of their culture, and who add to the richness of this ensemble. I remember the extraordinary, beautiful Lace, the unbelievably energetic Burning Water, and this show is a different beautiful ballet.”

“Extremely effective! Scenically phenomenal, the lighting work, the set design…very cinematic. The dancing is very demanding, but the dance doesn’t dominate as much but fits perfectly into the whole stage image. It left a brilliant impression!”

“I am very glad that I came tonight because this is a completely new dimension of the Rijeka Ballet. Clearly a lot of effort and work has been invested there, with a lot of practice. I really liked it. Beautiful.”

“Brilliant set design, brilliant choreography. I especially liked the parts that connected classical music with modern ballet.”,

“The ensemble is great; the choreography is excellent. I found Michele, Maria, Tea and Tilman especially impressive.”

“I am fascinated by the ensemble and the performance, excellent work!”

“The sirens on the bungees were great, the set design is also amazing. I also want to point out Michele Pastorini.”

“Very emotional and visually very good.“

Reprise performances are scheduled for March 19, 22, 24 and 25 beginning at 7:30 PM.

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