5 October 2020

On October 3, 2020, as on the same day 135 years ago, Verdi’s Aida enchanted the Rijeka audience! It was held in semi-stage, concert performance conducted by maestro Valentin Egel, with top soloists in the lead roles — Maida Hundeling, Domagoj Dorotić, Dubravka Šeparović Mušović and Giorgio Surian — alongside the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra and the Rijeka Opera Choir.

“I like it precisely because it isn’t directed. Verdi and the brilliant soloists came to the fore.”

“I am delighted. I am in love with Aida, with Maida’s voice, with her barefoot gait.”

“I’m very satisfied. An excellent performance; the singers were brilliant!”

“It’s beautiful. Excellent soloists. There is a completely different impression at the concert performance; nothing distracted us from the music coming from all corners of our beautiful Theatre.”

Revenues from ticket sales are designated for students of the newly-launched Giorgio Surian Opera Studio.

Earlier, at noon that day, instead of Ponchielli’s Gioconda, a stately performance of Zajc’s Nikola Šubić Zrinjski was held on the stage of the Rijeka Theatre, its main roles filled by prominent names of the Rijeka Opera: Robert Kolar, Kristina Kolar, Anamarija Knego, Aljaž Farasin and Luka Ortar.

Further performances of Zrinjski are scheduled for October 8 and 10.


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