Eléctrico 28
Jakob Rüdisser
Assistant director:
Set and costume design:
Prompter and titler:
Stage manager:

Premiere: 2 June 2023

Things and living beings are always at places. Sometimes at an intentional place, sometimes at a casual one. Sometimes, places are full of traces. Places and traces end up being an intrinsic part of our lives. Even of the lives of things because all the things and living beings of this world end up somewhere, for a while or forever. And then, places echo inside our bodies, in our memories because we are places ourselve. We can become an apartment.

A part not apart from a place is a street drift into observing, sensing and inhabiting places; into wondering if places ever end up (at a certain point); how they are ordered (or disordered); if they can turn into a home; or whether we (regrettably) capitalize them instead of connecting with them.

When we give ourselves the permission to not rush, to become skin and bones and muscles, when we consider our right to touch, to smell, to become eyes and ears and to change perspective; when we think with our guts and follow our intuition, when we get lost and let ourselves be drawn by the attractions of a territory, places can start to become something else. They can turn into spaces for connection, playfulness, imagination, and engagement.

As Perec put it, human life is passing from one place to another. However, the way we pass and perceive and inhabit them determines everything.


Duration: approximately one hour and 20 minutes.

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