23 September 2020

With tonight’s symphony concert, the performance of Mahler’s magnificent Second Symphony and the inaugural performance of maestro Philipp von Steinaecker, we begin a new chapter for the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra and the Rijeka Opera. The Rijeka audience has already been acquainted with maestro von Steinaecker, the new chief guest conductor, from his conducting the unforgettable performance of Mozart’s Requiem and the symphony concert “Wagner, Grieg, Brahms”. Judging from the enthusiastic reactions of the audience at the time, the conductor will be a new favorite, along with maestro Ville Matvejeff whom he is succeeding as chief guest conductor. The audience will surely be delighted by the news that this does not mean the departure of maestro Matvejeff. He will stay in Rijeka, once again before the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra and the Rijeka audience, but will continue as honorary guest conductor. We no longer have to present maestro Matvejeff, and from the impressive biography of maestro von Steinaecker, we will only single out that he was a collaborator with legendary conductors Claudio Abbado and John Eliot Gardiner, and the first winner of the prestigious Meelgard Award for Best Young Conductor, who since then has gained rich experience as guest conductor for a number of world orchestras and collaboration with numerous leading instrumentalists and singers. His passion and understanding of music led him to found his own orchestra, Musica Saeculorum.

But that isn’t all of the good news. Along with two regular guests, the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra, and thus the Rijeka Opera, also received a new house conductor (Kapellmeister), the young, yet already established Valentin Egel. Maestro Egel, winner of the Lovro pl. Matačić Award, recently conducted the concert “From the New World”. On that occasion, the concert audience could see why the world’s music critics have rated him as a conductor of “special strength and rich interpretation,” who delivers music “emotionally, powerfully, vividly,” and can “awaken emotions in the audience.” Maestro Egel will perform on October 3 in celebration of the 135th anniversary of the opening of the Rijeka theatre building, and will conduct a concert performance of Verdi’s Aida.

We know you can hardly wait, but before that we’ll see each other tonight at the Zamet Center for Rijeka’s premiere of Mahler’s “Resurrection,” a performance that can’t be missed! Don’t miss out on the beginning of a new chapter in the success story of the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra and the Rijeka Opera!


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