Anica Tomić

Premiere WOYZECK
Georg Büchner

Set designers:
Costume design:
Movement director:
Lighting design:
Zrinka Kolak Fabijan
CAPTAIN: Jasmin Mekić
TAMBOURMAJOR: Dražen Mikulić
MARGARETHA: Anastazija Balaž
GRANDMOTHER: Biljana Torić
Nenad Kovačić, gitare, tapan, frame drum, elektronika / Lana Hosni, ženski glas / Juraj Borić, truba / Miroslav Lakobrnja
Stage managers:
After the translation by:
Trude Stamać

Premiere: 12 Jan 2018

Woyzeck is one of the most frequently performed and influential plays in German language that was never finished due to the early death of the young author. In its fragmented form it is an exceptionally powerful work on the dehumanisation of a man fighting to preserve his right to humanness. Franz Woyzeck is a recruited soldier, who, having to provide for his wife Marie and their child, explores ways to cope with poverty, injustice, loneliness and lack of understanding. For a small fee, he undergoes medical experiments, shaves his Captain or performs in a circus. This play is often regarded as the tragedy of working class as it deals with the so-called small man, who, trying to provide a better life for himself and his family, always encounters systemic barriers that eventually lead into destruction. Written in short, expressive cuts, Woyzeck leaves the impression of a vortex that irrevocably draws us, yet unmistakably giving the concrete image of the grinning system, the rules of which never fail to bypass us. Dean Krivačić will play the leading role of Franz Woyzeck in this Rijeka staging while the Belgrade actress Hana Selimović will be his partner in the role of Marie.

In co-operation with Art-kino, Croatian National Theatre “Ivan pl. Zajc” Rijeka and Goethe-Institut Kroatien, Art kino is screening a film “Woyzeck” (82 min) by Werner Herzog from 1979 starring Klaus Kinski and Eva Mattes in leading roles on Tuesday 16th January. After the screening you are invited to join the discussion “Woyzeck in theatre and on film” with the authors of the theatre play “Woyzeck”.