Jules Verne

After the translation by:
Maje Ožegović
Author of adaptation and dramaturge:
Set designer:
Puppets and models:
Costume design:
Video design:
Lighting design:
Phileas Fogg: Jurica Marčec
Jean Passepartout (servant): Jerko Marčić
Detective Fix: Anastazija Balaž
Aouda (Indian princess); Thomas Flanagan (beer maker); Indian: Nika Ivančić
Gauthier Ralph (one of the English Bank directors); ticket inspector; policeman, recorder, engine man, Andrew Speedy (Captain), Passepartout`s mother: Nikola Nedić
Stage manager:

The happy end and dynamic atmosphere of the performance, as well as the use of various preforming practices, bring about an ingenious staging to which you can take your youngest ones, unwinding yourself at the same time and enjoying varied and picturesque sights provided by the reading of the play. My special compliments go to the actors who have successfully dealt with numerous and challenging tasks of performing in this play.
Karla Dolenčić,

Running time:
The performance lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Ljubljana, Rijeka, Calcuta, Salt Lake City…

1872 – 2017

Greetings from our travels! Yes, it’s been a few weeks that we haven’t been at home. Only now and then we go there to do the laundry and water the plants. Otherwise we’re not there. Not even at night. Namely, we are at the CNT Ivan pl. Zajc where we are spending the time with the good old Jules, who with we are setting off on a long journey.
In the company of Mr. Phileas Fogg, elegant English high society gentleman, who with we are going around the world in eighty days. Fogg, as any proper Englishman, never makes jokes, especially not so when it comes to such a serious matter as is the bet. Thus, he is going to accept a wager for 20,000 pounds to, as he fancied so, travel around the world in eighty days or less, which in minutes amounts to fifteen thousand and two hundred,
So, it is today that we set off on the journey, which goes as following:
From London to Suez over Mont-Cenis and Brindisi, by rail and on steamer – 7 days;
From Suez to Bombay, on steamer – 13 days;
From Bombay to Calcutta, by rail – 3 days;
From Calcutta to Hong Kong, on steamer – 13 days;
From Hong Kong to Yokohama, on steamer – 6 days;
From Yokohama to San Francisco, on steamer – 22 days;
From San Francisco to New York, by rail – 7 days;
From New York to London, by steamer and rail – 9 days;
Total of – 80 days.
Eighty days! What a daring idea! What if there are tempests, attacks by Indians, shipwrecks, train wheel slips, unexpected delays? “Nothing in this world is unexpected”, is Phileas Fogg’s conclusion. He’s right. Let’s go, the clock’s ticking, time’s passing!
Here we are travelling! With Fogg, Verne and there’s also Passepartout, Mr. Fogg’s servant, an honest man who has no equal, one of those good, round heads that you’re happy to meet on the shoulders of your friends. Thus, as best friends do, we go from one steamer to another, we dance in train carriages, rock in baskets on elephants’ back, fly in balloons, catching days, hours and minutes in order to win the wager and be back in London precisely on 21st December of 1872 at eight hours and forty-five minutes in the evening. We’re rescuing young pretty ladies, one particular lady, actually. It is Aouda, a young Indian woman of enchanting beauty, who Fogg will marry a second upon having won the wager and acquired the eternal literary fame. No longer will he pay attention to the challenging words of his servant as,”I’ve just learned that it’s possible to go around the world in only seventy-seven days”. Of course, it is possible! If we didn’t travel in India, but then, Fogg wouldn’t have met Aouda and she wouldn’t have become his wife and then the story of the travel around the world in eighty days would have been just an adventure, not a love story!
Yes, we’re writing to you about all of this, as this is an invitation for you! As now you know! The scenes have been divided, places of action agreed, dialogues written, dramaturgical adaptation is ready, actors are dressed and the director is excited! So, all of us together, headed by Mr. Fogg, will be taking to an exciting journey all the children that are looking forward to dazzling battles with the time and an imaginative journey over three continents to last eighty minutes or, perhaps, eighty days.

Authors of the play Around the World in Eighty Days

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