Karel Jaromir Erben - Magdalena Lupi Alvir

Fairy tale in two languages
Set designer:
Josip Maršić / Zoran Medved
Costume design:

The productions that Renata Carola Gatica directs abound with imaginative and funny solutions; she chooses actors wisely and has an excellent sense for the public. This production will make all children happy, also those outside of the HKD (Croatian Cultural Centre) auditorium, as it does not contain and language or mental barriers, just joy and fellow feeling, also the moral, “No pain, no gain”.

Olga Vujović, Imaginative and funny, without language or mental barriers,

Their drawbacks are thus not their defects, something they should be degraded for, rejected or harassed. Virtues are hidden in the very particularities of each of us, while the particularities of these three is what enabled love for the prince and a happy ending for the fairy tale. (…)

This work, based on the form of the fairy tale and so well known to the children, does not depict something out of the real life, but what they can often encounter and, unfortunately, will encounter in their future life. “Big Bird, Blubber, Falco” is a vivid production that deals with what is “tangible”, with life topics, promoting tolerance, respect and love.

Anja Nežić, “Big Bird, Blubber, Falco”(HNK Zajc) Production for children that celebrates the Other and otherness,