The Percussion Team of the Rijeka Theater and their guests bid you a warm welcome to the first percussion concert in the history of Rijeka!

We are all aware that we are going through difficult times, but with good will, dedication and compromises, a concert has been organized with three new compositions and works that have never been performed before in Rijeka or Croatia.

All the composers are living, and all the works have been composed in the 21st century, with the exception of “Marche pour timbales,” one of the first compositions written for percussion.

We will demonstrate new forms of musical expression that are rarely performed, such as electrical effects and distortions on acoustic instruments, as well as the use of electronics and, of course, percussion, which is the guiding thread, offering much more than usual through these unique combinations, played on more than 20 instruments!



Anita Primorac: Valovi* (“Waves”) – Saša Miljanović and Šimun Tićak (percussion)

Eckhard Kopetzki / arr. Anita Primorac: Sounds of the Sea – Saša Miljanović and Šimun Tićak (udaraljke)

Henry Mancini / arr. Anita Primorac: The Pink Panther Theme – Sinkopa Chamber Ensemble

Frankie Sullivan, Jim Peterik / arr. Anita Primorac: Eye of the Tiger – Sinkopa Chamber Ensemble

Jacques i André Philidor: Marche de timbales – Antonio Ceravolo (timpani) and Samuel Baldi (timpani)

Etienne Perruchon: Cinq danses dogoriennes, for cello and timpani – Petar Kovačić (cello) and Antonio Ceravolo (timpani)

Dave Maric / arr. Pedro Rosenthal Campuzano: Borrowed Time, for marimba and string quintet – Pedro Rosenthal Campuzano (marimba), Osman Eyublu (violin), Anton Kyrylov (violin), Iva Štefančić (viola), Golnar Mohajeri (cello) and Domagoj Habek (bass)

Juraj Marko Žerovnik: Percussion Groove*, for two drums and percussion – Antonio Ceravolo (percussion) i Samuel Baldi (percussion)

Emmanuel Segourné: Attraction Duo, for violin and marimba – Pedro Rosenthal Campuzano (marimba) and Osman Eyublu (violina)

Pedro Rosenthal Campuzano: Percussion Quartet No. 1* – Antonio Ceravolo, Anita Primorac, Samuel Baldi and Pedro Rosenthal Campuzano

* world premiere


The concert lasts approximately one hour and ten minutes, and is performed with an intermission.

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