Giovanni Boccaccio – Luciano Delprato

Author of adaptation:
Sabrina Vecchioni
Set design:
Lighting design:
Robert Pavlić
Sound design:
Federico Rossignoli / Teodora Tommasi / Francesco Gulic
Assistant set designer:
Sintija Lacman
Guido Venturini / Nikola Germuth
Sound technician:
Milan Lacman
Lighting Director:
Follower technician:
Luka Lenac
Mario Lovrović / Sadmir Džinić / Marko Tomljanović / Viktor Fabijanić / Luka Devčić / Ivan Mance
Zagorka Stojnić / Behija Radičević / Jasminka Rehab / Ljubica Paragvaj
Hairdresser and make-up artists:
Eli Blečić Jurlina / Valentina Šoic
Stage managers:

Premiere: December 8, 2020

Finally, we are staging one of the most significant works of not only Renaissance, but world literature, on the Zajc stage. Awaiting us is a modern reinterpretation of the classic, which is more relevant today than ever before.
This text, which has inspired generations of artists, excited people around the world, made millions of women laugh — at least, that is what the author hoped for — will be expertly revised by the symbolist director. Instead of Florence, it is Rijeka. Instead of the plague, there will be Covid-19. Instead of an escape to a country villa, there will be an escape to the theatre. Instead of a hundred stories, there will be ten.
Despite the reduction of the text, fragments of all the short stories have been successfully included in this brilliant adaptation. By modernizing and updating the centers of power that Boccaccio played with, thereby retaining the same ironic effect as the original, this play is an artistic response to the events that surround us.


The play will be performed in Italian with Croatian surtitles.


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