Oliver Frljić & Marin Blažević

The staging of Croatian Theatre by Oliver Frljić and Marin Blažević is a brutal confrontation with Croatian theatre people who became involved in the warmongering of the nineties. A few are singled out for fascism, while some other prominent names of the bourgeois theatre for collaboration, or the classic «Croatian silence» that by ignoring and the forced oblivion is trying to cover all of our crimes and muck. This is not a classical performance with the linear dramatic structure. If you go to the theatre to see beautiful women in crinoline dresses or the sophisticated sentences of the classics, you’d better avoid this play. Frljić’s political theatre (he does other, more conventional plays as well) is a dainty for those who in the contemporary art look for emotional and intellectual provocation in order to be able to comprehend better themselves and the world in which we live. It often is not pleasant or amusing.

Snježana Pavić, Jutarnji list

Running time:
The performance lasts 1 hour.