Combining fire and water, and many other opposites on which our life and the world have rested since the beginning, the bodies of dancers and their movement create irresistibly impressive images intertwined with strong emotions. These images deliver a powerful message in the moment of insecurity and uncertainty we are currently experiencing.
The dancers push their own limits to the edge of endurance with this show’s extremely demanding choreography. The members of the Rijeka Ballet dance with character to their last breath, and they’ll leave you breathless!


While the first part of the play is based on the contrast of light costumes and dark scenery, the second part is dominated by a “fiery,” “burning” element, and the costumes are dominated by red and pink. The second part takes place to the furious rhythm of techno music – fast, dynamic, “wild,” ritualistic, repetitive… bringing dancers and their bodies to the limits of endurance. In contrast to the first part, in the second there is an explosion of colors and movement, radiating the strength, passion and power of fire. In this part of the play, as a scenographic detail, “rusty” plates appear, which are associated with some apocalyptic state, perhaps the state of the world in which we live today. The first part of the play, in turn, evokes a shipwreck and the last surviving remnants of the human race struggling to survive. And then the bodies are plunged back into darkness… The final part of the play brings a kind of relief or catharsis […] and then applause breaks out in the Zajc hall and there is a standing ovation for the author team and performers. With the performance “Burning Water,” the members of the Rijeka Ballet further pushed their performance limits, showing that they are ready for various challenges – from classical ballet to such modern dance steps.
Kim Cuculić, Novi List


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