macbeth 13.7.2017. (19 of 30)

Premiere MACBETH
Ballet after William Shakespeare’s tragedy with the same name

Dramaturge and assistant choreographer:
Set designer:
Costume design:
Lighting design:
Photography and graphic design:
Assistent set designer:
Sound desinger:
Višeslav Laboš
Original music performed by:
electronics, bass guitar, percussions: Višeslav Laboš
violin: Tena Novak Vincek
cymbals: Stjepan Jureković
cello: Petra Kušan
percussion: Danijel Drakulić
Ballet masters:
Stage manager:
Secretary and Executive Producer:
Poster and booklet front cover graphic design:
Vladimir Končar

Premiere: 7 Oct 2017

The plot of Shakespeare’s Macbeth mirrors the focusing of the Renaissance on the man’s power/capacity to create her or his own destiny by making her/his own decisions. At the same time it opens depths in which decisions can be reflections of other people’s suggestions, while the power to control one’s own life can become an obsessive control of others. It is with dance that in its nature goes beyond the restraints of language that we want to emphasize that the loss of borders is inseparable from the loss of ethics, loss of one’s closest ones and finally our own selves.
The choreography of the internationally awarded Maša Kolar, with its preciseness, a rich dynamic and the complex and highly aesthetic movement of clean lines, will enable the dancers to maximally finalize and clean their dancing, but also acting technique. Besides enabling the professional advance (for dancers) and raising the degree of cultural offer in our county (for spectators), this staging would contribute towards the dethroning of the stereotype that dance is not able to present convincingly the deep and complex human stories. Finally, we would like to encourage the spectators to think of the power we aspire to, the way we acquire it and the price we pay for it.

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