The performance lasts about 35 minutes.

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Performance was premiered at the 30th Zagreb Music Biennale, in the Zagreb Youth Theatre: April 13, 2019. and at Croatian National Theater Ivana pl. Zajca: April 16, 2019.


The Rijeka ensemble, with this new performance, proved itself as an excellent, energetic and impressive contemporary group that dances with a shared passion and a clear individual personal attitude. Dancers move in a demanding, neat, fast, technically highly crafted manner with a nuanced effort. They communicate using a powerfully activated and tense body media. Rijeka ensemble is currently a unique group on the Croatian scene (eight male and female dancers performed), which emodies and displays the mainstream European tradition of contemporary dance theater.
Maja Đurinović, Plesna

We usually don’t think of ballet as an art that deals with some current socio-political issues; rather its focus is seen an set on the aesthetic dimension. The premiere of the contemporary ballet “Hero is Tired” – created in a co-production between the Rijeka HNK Ballet and the Zagreb Music Biennale, showed that dance movement can be used to talk about some aspects of today’s society and send a strong message to the audience, without loosing the aesthetic quality.
Kim Cuculić, Novi list


The performance lasts about an hour.

Foto & Video galerija

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